Top Ten Most Shared Blog Posts of 2013


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  1. State Cesarean Rates: 2012 Preliminary Data (9808 shares)

  2. Side-By-Side Comparison Of Cesarean Rates And Births Covered By Medicaid (2182 shares)

  3. How Much Money Does This Kentucky Hospital Think An Uncomplicated Vaginal Birth Is Worth? (1583 shares)

  4. Vaginal Birth Rates (1424 shares)

  5. World Health Organization's 15 Percent Cesarean Rate Recommendation (1144 shares)

  6. Home Birth Percentages By State, 2011 (1024 shares)

  7. How Does Your State Measure Up? (978 shares)

  8. World Cesarean Rates, 2008 (938 shares)

  9. Practice Variation In West Virginia: 60 Miles And 54 Percentage Points (852 shares)

  10. What Is Practice Variation In Obstetrics And Why Should I Care? (787 shares)


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Vaginal Birth Rates

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