IOM Releases Report from the "Partnering with Patients to Drive Shared Decisions" Workshop

By Jill Arnold

A summary of the Institute of Medicine's February 2013 workshop, Partnering with Patients to Drive Shared Decisions, Better Value, and Care Improvement, was just released on the IOM web site.

From the video:

Most clinicians don’t do it; they just plow right into their visits. “So, Mrs. Jones, you’re here for your blood pressure today. You know, looks like it’s still a little bit high. Eh, I’m going to adjust your medication. I’ll see you in three weeks. Is that okay?” Done. It’s a very doctor-centered sort of approach, instead of, like, “What’s important to you today? What are YOU coming into the visit with?” There’s a lot of good data that that very simple act of negotiating the agenda with the patient, which doesn’t take more time, makes a whole big difference in the visit.

--Eric S. Holmboe, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the American Board of Internal Medicine

In addition, a four-page PDF summary of workshop proceedings is available.

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