Doctors' Cesarean Rates

Do you want to know your doctor's cesarean rate?

Childbirth is one area where high surgical volume doesn't necessarily correlate with quality... unless you need a doctor with a lot of experience performing cesareans.

Note: These rates reflect the previous two years of non-public insurance claims information. In other words, this doesn't reflect Medicaid patients. Amino adjusts for risk so that "doctors who have higher-risk or sicker patients are not unfairly penalized in [their] analysis."

You can pull up doctors affiliated with a specific hospital. Bonus: You get to see Hospital Safety Scores, too!

Without context, you don't know if the doctor is the back-up for a group of CNMs and taking all of the high-risk patients and operative and surgical deliveries. 

Use this information to start a conversation with your doctor if it causes concern. For example, you can pull this information up and ask your doctor if it accurately reflects the last two years of their privately insured patients' births. If not, they can contact


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