Call for Birth Stories!

Our goal in making birth stories available to women online is to show that babies considered macrosomic-- birth weight of 4000 g (8 lbs., 13 oz.) or greater-- are born vaginally everyday, often in spite of doctors’ attempts to preempt the birth with a scheduled surgical delivery.

Did you...

  • vaginally birth a baby weighing 8 lbs., 13 oz. or more?
  • give birth vaginally after a previous Cesarean?
  • vaginally birth twins or a breech baby?
  • vaginally birth a baby after being told you absolutely couldn't do so and needed to schedule a Cesarean?
  • feel that your Cesarean (or Cesareans) were unnecessary?
  • have a Cesarean for CPD or FPD, then subsequently birth an even larger baby vaginally?

    Brief answers are fine. Many women feel overwhelmed by the task of writing out their birth story. It can be difficult to find adequate words to convey the feelings of a transformative event like birth. Simple is okay!

    Baby’s weight, length and head circumference:

    Birth location: (home, hospital, birth center, other)

    Your height (optional):

    How was your pregnancy?

    How did you feel about your upcoming birth?

    Description of your birth experience:

    How did you feel after the birth (first month)?

    How did you feel six months after the birth? One year? Now?

    What did you learn from this birth?

    Any words of wisdom to impart?


    Pictures and (embedded) videos will happily be included.

    Thank you for taking the time to describe your experience birthing your baby (or babies). Please email your story to unnecesarean at gmail dot com.