"WHO" Cares? Brazil's 93 Percent Cesarean Rate in Private Hospitals

In response to the WHO’s current recommendation of a 10 to 15 percent Cesarean rate, private hospitals in Brazil ask, “Yeah, well, WHO cares?”

Abby Epstein reported on the Business of Being Born’s message board about her trip to Brazil to film a segment on the alarming Cesarean rate for the upcoming sequel.  According to her post, she thought it would be important to include a look at what has happened to childbirth in Brazil as a harbinger of what might be to come in the United States.

The c-section rate in private hospitals is 93 percent and somewhere between 30 and 50 percent in public hospitals which serve the country’s less wealthy population.  

Remember this April Fool’s Day post in 2008 on the Women’s Health News blog by (Our Bodies, Our Blog’s) Rachel Walden: Nation’s Largest Hospital to Ban Vaginal Birth, NY State Likely to Follow?  It’s not that far off base if you’re in Brazil.

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