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ICAN blogged the biggest VBAC news of late:

VBA2C As Safe As Repeat Cesarean, Research Finds

Most women who have had more than one cesarean are told that a repeat cesarean is the safest choice for their births. Many are not even offered the option by their doctors or hospitals.

Not so, according to recent research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (BJOG). A systematic review and meta analysis of the medical research on vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBA2C) found that there is no statistically significant difference in key maternal and infant outcomes between VBA2C and repeat cesarean (RCS).


More ICAN resources:

Online Support Meeting - VBAC: The Courage to Try Again

Join the women of ICAN in the first-ever live online support meeting. The topic for this meeting is “VBAC: The courage to try again.” Share your story, your fears, your dreams…and support other women in their journeys.

Monday, Oct 19, 2009

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM EDT


VBAC Checklist

Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesareans



“My struggle with 3 c-sections in 2 1/2 years and my victorious unmedicated VBA3C.”



Birthing Beautiful Ideas has a new series of VBAC Scare Tactics, including:


VBAC = uterine rupture = dead baby

When bad outcomes in the past affect patient options in the future

An early eviction date

No pre-labor dilatation = no VBAC

VBACs aren’t as safe as we thought they were

CPD or FTP = no VBAC

Playing the epidural card

The MD Trump Card



Gloria Lemay delivers an Insider’s Tip on How to Have a Great VBAC



“Birth after surgery = just a birth.” Janet of Joyous Birth rejects the many labels given to and taken on by women, particularly those with a previous cesarean.



Don’t forget about VBAC.com!



VBAC Now Uncommon in Australia (from 6minutes.com.au)

Unwarranted fears about possible adverse outcomes such as uterine rupture may explain why the proportion of women with a caesarean who attempted a subsequent vaginal birth fell from almost half in 1996 to around one in three in 2006, say Sydney researchers.

The number of VBAC has also fell from 31% to 19%, according to figures from over 50,000 NSW women who had a primary caesarean.



The Well Rounded Mama wrote Nearly 5x the risk for infection after cesareans. [EDIT: Links right to a post with a picture of a gaping wound. FYI.]



Anyone have any VBACs coming up? Read any interesting VBAC news or information?


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