Joy Szabo Interviewed by Ron Reagan on Air America

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Ron Reagan interviewed Joy Szabo on October 20, 2009, about her situation, VBAC bans, rape via court-ordered cesarean, fear of litigation, obstetrics and the reality of cesareans in the segment “Why Are C-Sections So Popular?”

The show’s blurb for the interview reads: “Do c-sections constitute rape? Mother Joy Szabo thinks so. And after listening to her story, you might too. Ron Reagan spoke with the Arizona mother of three on his show and found out some truths about c-sections that you probably didn’t realize.”

The first caller talks about his wife’s experience with a VBAC turned CBAC and shares common macrosomia myths, his most notable theory being that prenatal vitamins might be making babies bigger and just too huge to come out.

The second caller, Sally, had two cesareans thirty years ago for what she called a “large baby at the time” - 8.5 pounds and breech. She also warned Joy and other woman that “there’s a big possibility that you can rupture.” Sally concluded by saying, “I was really glad to have good medical advice at the time.”

Ron repeatedly offers a disclaimer that he doesn’t think that doctors are a part of some nefarious plot to push women into unnecessary cesareans.

The third caller, Denise, wanted a cesarean 16 years prior for her twins, one of whom was breech and was “happy to be scheduled, happy to go in, no labor pains…”

Scott, whose wife is a midwife, called in next from Seattle and talks about the obstetric ideology of viewing “pregnancy as a problem to be solved,” noting that the same rise in the cesarean rate is happening across the world.



The full segment is about 25 minutes long and can be downloaded from or listened to here.

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