PhotoShop Contest: The Anti-Doula Sign in the Utah Obstetrician’s Office

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You’ve probably seen this sign: 


It’s obnoxious. It’s anti-woman. It made you uncomfortable. Maybe you shrugged and thought, “Well, better to know that he doesn’t give a crap about the science behind continuous support in labor before you’re actually in labor.” Because you know… anything besides someone in a white coat or scrubs performing a procedure on a woman to make birth happen can be dismissed as anti-science woo.

The sign is begging to be spoofed and that’s where YOU come in.

Edit this photo and post it to your web site, blog, Facebook, twitpic or a photo storage site (like Photobucket), copy and paste the URL in the comments and I will post it on this blog entry for all to enjoy. If you’re having trouble uploading it, e-mail it to unnecesarean *at* gmail.

The winner (to be judged by me after 1 (one) margarita) will receive a copy of the The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin. A copy will also be mailed to the Aspen Women’s Center in Provo, Utah, courtesy of “The Entire Internet.”

Deadline is Saturday at noon (Pacific). And, yes, I’ll ship internationally.


Go! Here’s a blank…




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