The Winner of the Guess the Cesarean Rate Giveaway

Since the CDC did not release the 2007 U.S. Cesarean data as expected in December, the winner of the 2007 Guess the U.S. Cesarean Rate Giveaway was determined by first putting scraps of paper with the numbers 1 through 44 into a bowl.



Next, a young, unbiased volunteer shuffled and selected a piece of paper.


It was a sideways number 11.


The eleventh commenter, with a guess of 34.9%, was ELIZABETH CURRAN of North Country Childbirth Services!  Elizabeth wins copies of Pushed by Jennifer Block and Birth as an American Rite of Passage by Robbie Davis-Floyd.  Both authors will be speaking at the 2009 CIMS Mother Friendly Annual Forum in San Diego on March 5-7.

Elizabeth, I am disclosing that there is a wee coffee stain on the Robbie Davis-Floyd’s book that happened a few days ago when the baby pulled a precariously placed cup of lukewarm coffee off of the desk.  The book would still be brilliant if it were written in crayon on a stack of napkins, so please pardon the stain.


When the 2007 c-section rate is finally released, the will have plenty to say about it.


Congratulations, Elizabeth!



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