Midwife-Designed Stainless Steel Childbirth Mirror on Sale in U.K.


Virginia Howes, an independent midwife from Ashford in Kent, has developed a specially designed mirror to use in childbirth. The “Howes Birth Mirror” has been design-protected and is now ready to go on sale in the UK.

Virginia, a midwife at Kent Midwifery Practice, one of the busiest private midwifery businesses in the UK, said that “Most women will instinctively adopt a forward leaning position during childbirth, either standing, on all fours, squatting or she may be in a birth pool. All of these positions restrict the view of progress of the birth or the baby being born and can often lead to a woman being encouraged to birth in a back-lying position on a bed, which is counterproductive to her natural instincts and can lead to intervention and complications. A mirror therefore is a handy tool in her birth kit. Mirrors break though and I was frequently replacing mine and looking for a better design. The plastic frames would crack when washed at high temperatures, the glass got broken, which is potentially dangerous, and they could not be sterilized so could be harbouring harmful bacterium. So I thought about it and designed my own birth mirror”

Evidence suggests that if a woman adopts the birth position of her choice, she will birth her baby more efficiently, with less physical or psychological trauma.


The Howes Birth Mirror is made out of highly-polished, mirror-finished stainless steel which can be sterilized and is unbreakable. The mirror is a perfect size, shape, and weight, and is cut at an angle to assist both the midwife and the mother to view the advancing baby in the birth position of the birthing woman’s choice. It has a comfortable handle should the midwife or birthing mother want to hold it in position.


Virginia is hoping that consultant units, birthing centres and individual midwives will purchase a Howes Birth Mirror. “I am not an entrepreneur, nor will it make me a lot of money; it is just good midwifery sense and hopefully will help midwives encourage women off the bed, off their backs and bottoms and into positions conducive to a better birth.”


From the News and Press Releases page of the Kent Midwifery Practice Web site.


For 25 quid, it can be yours




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