Michigan Couple Surprised by Baby's Birth, Call 911

The most entertaining twelve minutes and twenty-three seconds of your day are in the audio file linked in this article.

Couple unaware of pregnancy gives birth at home with help of rookie 911 dispatcher



Ryan called 911 because his wife, Carri, had just given birth in the bathroom.  Dispatcher Angie Adams had just finished her training three days prior to the call from Ryan.

Ryan reacts with shock, expressing joy that his new son looks just like him.  He told Adams that they had both quit smoking and he thought that was why she had gained some weight.  Neither parent knew that Carri was pregnant prior to the birth.

Their ten-year-old son, Tyler, gets on the phone toward the end of the audio segment and is very matter-of-fact about the event.

The dispatcher had the couple get a string or a shoelace to tie off the cord about four minutes into the call and instructed Carri to lie down.  She also asked the family to fetch towels for the baby and for the placenta, which delivered spontaneously within minutes, and a blanket for the new mother.

At the very end of the call, you hear the following exchange:


Dispatcher: Okay, what’s going on with baby?  Is he dirty?

Carri: It looks like he has meconium on his head.

Dispatcher: A cone on his head?!

Carri:  No, like, the baby— the poop.

Dispatcher: Oh, poop.  Okay.


It would be great if dispatchers were instructed to have women put their newborn to their breast as soon as possible as a precautionary measure to allow the natural release of oxytocin, which helps the uterus contract and reduces the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.


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