Hospitals Can't Handle VBACs? Then What Can They Handle?

Two comments that got me thinking…


Iris427 on this thread said this:

If a hospital is not equipped to handle a VBAC, it’s not equipped to handle any emergency in childbirth, period. If they can’t do an emergency c/s for a VBAC attempt, what do they do if a baby’s cord prolapses? What if a baby goes into sudden distress? You can either do emergency cesareans or you can’t. It doesn’t matter if the mom is trying a VBAC.

That is exactly what Dr. Lisa Masterson said on the episode of The Doctors featuring Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. It was a gaffe for anti-home birth Dr. Masterson, whose exact quote was “You cannot necessarily get there [from a home birth quickly enough] because even in a hospital sometimes you can’t transfer quickly.”


A comment with a similar sentiment was left by Lori on the latest birth story submitted.

“small hospitals are not staffed or equipped to handle emergency cesareans on a regular basis.” This is nuts! The poor women and babies who actually have a true emergency during the poorly staffed times! In my mind that completely eliminates the assurance a parent would feel by choosing to birth in a hospital. You’re right. This is a human rights issue. Or at least a truth in advertising issue. If small hospitals are not continually prepared for emergencies, then they shouldn’t communicate that they are the “safest” place for a birth!


Unrelated to the comments above but something that made me extra joyful on a Sunday night…

This story (and a picture) were posted on The Unnecesarean Facebook Fan Page. Did my eyes well up just a little? Yes, they did.

I had an “unnecesarean” 22 months ago. Was induced for being 1 week “overdue”, got epidural, labored for 16 hours, pushed for 3, never felt the urge to push though, they turned off the epidural so I could feel the urge to push, was out of my mind with the contraction pain (since I hadn’t felt it up until then), and agreed to a section asap (wasn’t educated about the dangers of cesarean at that time!). Aidan was 9 lbs. 9 oz. and they said I needed the section due to failure to progress and that his head was too big. Here’s the happy ending: had a beautiful baby girl 2 months ago, home birth with a midwife, VBAC, Clare weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz.!



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