Brave Message Board Mom Questions Necessity of First Cesarean

I read a lot of message board threads about c-sections when they come up in my Google Alerts. Albeit just a little too voyeuristic for my taste, it is always interesting to me to observe how and what information and wisdom is shared from woman to woman.


Was I lied to?!

Thinking about going into labor this time around has made me start to think about the day I had J. And the more I think about it the more I think the doctor lied to me about needing a c-section. Nothing was said to me about why I needed one after trying to push for maybe 30 mins. I just figured the doctor knew what he was doing and I trusted him. He acted weird torward my husband and mom, even asked “Do you think I did the right thing?”, we thought it was odd but didn’t give it a second thought really. I was told in recovery that I could have died but when I go back and think….how was I going to die? I felt fine just really wanted to push but was told not too.

It wasn’t until my first appointment with C that I was told he was face up and trying to see where he was going (which is so very him). Never once was I told this when I had him. The doctor I saw that day said “you can try for a VBAC if you want”, after reading my birth story thing in my chart and after that I never saw that doctor again…I’ve been seeing the doctor who delivered J who says I have to have a c-section. He’s out of town for the month so last time I saw the midwife who said 40+weeks for a c-section, and tomorrow I see the dr who said I could try for a VBAC.

The reason I think I was lied to was because for the hell of it I’ve been reading about face up births, and everything I see says it’s possible just takes longer. It was almost 5 pm when they said “c-section” and it makes me wonder was he just wanting to go home and I was taking to long? Because right after my c-section he went home…

I have all these thoughts racing through my head about this and the more I read about it and the more I think about it makes me think he was in the wrong for making me have a c-section.

Tomorrow I’m going to demand to see my chart and read what was put by that doctor. I want the truth and I just feel like I wasn’t told the truth.


A few excerpts from responses:

I am going through this right now. When I was at 24 weeks my OB ALREADY scheduled my CS!! Oh and by the way the next day he is leaving for vacation!! Needless to say I went ballastic. I am very much jaded especially w/ OB’s from NY because **most** of them do CS because time is money and money is time.

I am not saying ALL doctors are like this but there is a trend going on and no one is sticking up for these woman which some are getting needless CS. We are born to give birth. Give us the support, time and encouragement and we can do it. I am sure there are defacto time limits each hospital puts into place with active birth. They don’t want a prolonged labor. They want the babies out, the beds filled and gone within two days!! Why you think they are so big on the interventions? Gotta break your water, or push the pitocin, etc. With each intevention it snowballs out of control.

I, too was forced into a CS and have all medical records from the first and sought out a second opinion. I was told, that there really was no medical reason why you had to get a CS. Yes, the **official diagnosis was** hydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) which was stated in my medical records after the CS as being borderline in the post-op report. THe other reason was Macrosomia (basically a big baby). H was 9 lbs. THe other opinion I sought said the “bookmark weight” for Macrosomia is usually 10.5 lbs. so she had no idea why I was diagnosed with that either. SHe also said “At the time your’re doctor probably felt it was the right thing to do”. Sure because he probably did not want to miss his tee time!!

I would go out and get a second opinion. I will be, if our meeting today does not turn out the way we planned. Today, I will ask him to give me a valid reason why I cannot try for a VBAC and don’t give me the BS about the 1% chance of uterian rupture either or “do I really want to push out a 9+ lb. baby” which by the way was one of his answers. For him it may purely be an insurance obstacle. VBAC coverage in NY costs the OB’s more and therefore alot opt out of it, NOT telling their patients!!

THere is another organization that may of be some help to you too, ICAN. International Cesarean Awareness Network International Cesarean Awareness Network

The best of luck to you. I hope it works out for you. You’re not alone in this there are a lot of woman who look back at the day which is suppose to be one the joyest occasions in their life as a day when they were not allowed to experience actual childbirth. I have a horrible memory of my daughter’s birth and it brings tears to my eyes. I feel cheated and often say she was “surgically removed from me” because in actual reality that is exactly what happened. I was never given the chance to feel a contraction, push or anything. I don’t even know what a contraction feels like. How crazy is that??? Of course there are times when a CS are medically needed but the current trend that is going on in this country is staggering.




Good luck at your appointment and getting the info you need! And remember, this is your pregnancy, baby and body, not the doctors. If you want to try for that VBAC you should be given all opportunities to do just that. Im so tired of doctors making us feel like we don’t have a choice. With my first 7 years ago, I felt I was educated when truly I wasn’t. I labored for 18 hours with out pain relief or much support from doctors or nurses. Instead of laying in bed they could of helped by telling me vertical positions help baby move down the birth canal. That laying in bed actually makes labor harder because you don’t have gravity. I was not told that you can have more heart decels after the breaking of the water because its no longer there supporting the umbilical cord. I don’t know, you go into the hospital thinking they are there to help, but really, each intervention can make things worse for a lot of women. I had zero problems with labor other than pain until I gave in and broke the bag of water and had the epi. I was 8 cm at that point and then baby started having heart decels and they were talking section. I guess I just feel our bodies were designed for birthing and our bodies know what to do the right way. I know not everyone can have a vaginal birth and c sections are truly needed, but I do believe sections are out of control. This time around Im more educated and I am truly hoping my education and past experience in the labor room will allow me to have the birth I truly want to have.