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I am Mysteria, and I have spent the past three days trying to come up with introductions as interesting, friendly, and informative as the other new guest bloggers.

Unfortunately, I have failed in my endeavor, although I did come up with what I think is an awesome name for myself: ANaturalAdvocate. While this makes me less mysterious, it is certainly a little more representative of who I am, although I am grateful to Jill-Unnecesarean for her patience as my OCDness prevented me from picking a name, and posting an intro, in a more timely manner. 

I decided that, since I’m a new blogger, and most of you guys would have approximately zero clue who I am, I would give a little background. Then I realized that I was writing a not-so-brief autobiography and perhaps bullet-form would work better. So, who I am in bullets:

  • mom to two and two-thirds children (one boy, one girl, one fetus)
  • wife to an active-duty service-member (meaning I’m never in one place very long)
  • hopeful crafter and triathlete  (although my knitting is painfully slow, even slower than my running)
  • recent law school graduate (seriously, haven’t even taken the bar yet - TERRIFIED)

The next question to answer is, of course: why am I here? Since I’m sure you are asking yourselves that now, and waiting in total anticipation, I’ll let you know. :) I’ll give you the short story, though; I’m sure you will appreciate it. I have had two births thus far, one early and induced hospital birth (for “macrosomia”) and one unassisted birth (psst…she was also “macrosomic”). I will be giving birth to my third child sometime this spring, and we plan on another homebirth, although this time attended by a midwife (want to guess whether this one will be a chunk?). 

In moving from one birth to the next, and generally growing as a person, I realized that giving birth in this country - like many other aspects of women’s lives today - is often really messed up. I also realized that there didn’t seem to be as many people angry about it as I was. As I am. I read stories about forced procedures, about lack of informed consent, about denial of reproductive rights, about families ripped apart, and I became…concerned.

So, I did what any rational, reasonable person would do: I waited until my husband was on deployment and I was stuck at home with our two kids, and I went to law school. I did at least let him know, so don’t worry about that. :)

Hmm. Maybe I missed the rational and reasonable with that decision, but I still think it was a pretty good decision. My goal now (well, at least after I pass the bar) is to work with women and families and obtain the rights that I think have been stripped for so long. Now, mind you, I’m a hard-core natural birther, and that part of me will never go away. On the other hand, I’m a much stronger advocate for rights of informed consent and choice, and that part will always win (not that I think there’s much of a contest between the two). 

Now, for the lawyer-y (except not really) disclaimer-y part: I’m not actually a lawyer yet (please let me be one someday, BarGods) and even once I am, that’s not my role here. Oh sure, I plan on bringing up information and commentary on cases in the news (and not in the news), but I’m no “legal correspondent” and no expert and won’t be giving any legal advice. My role here is just like the other intelligent (and far more interesting) posters here: to bring out what’s been hidden so long and to create thought, change, and movement. I’m just one more voice.

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