Doctoral Student Needs Your Help!

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By Jill

I recently had the chance to talk to a doctoral student named Jennifer, who is studying childbirth rhetoric. She’s trying to get through her dissertation and needs some help from U.S. readers with health insurance. Here’s what she asked me to pass on to you:

Send me your insurance policy!

I am doing some research on the rhetoric of birth in health insurance policy, and I am looking for samples. Especially if you have digital access to your policy and you can save it as a PDF, I would love to look at what it says about maternity benefits. If you’d be wiling to share your policy, you can email documents to Jennifer at birthrhetoric AT gmail DOT com.

I am particularly interested in policies from states on either end of the c-section spectrum: New Jersey, Florida, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Alaska, Wisconsin, Colorado (but I’m collecting as many policies as I can get my hands on, from any state). I am looking for language about medical necessity (not necessarily in the maternity benefits section; in my policy, that language is in the “Definitions” section), for itemized lists of things insurers will and won’t cover during childbirth, and for language about the kinds of care providers that will be covered.

This research is part of my doctoral dissertation, and I am happy to share more about the project with anyone who’s interested; just shoot me an email! Thanks in advance for any help!