Time-Sensitive Request from a Documentary Producer

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By Jill


An independent producer is currently putting together a half-hour documentary for Al Jeezera domestic television.  The production is set for January and February, 2011, and it will be a look at the individuals involved in considering, having and performing Cesareans and the controversy in its wake. 

From Betsy Kulman, the producer:

1) I’m looking for a woman with a previous cesarean due again in mid-January who is willing to speak on camera along with her family about:

a) the process/struggle of deciding on VBAC or repeat cesarean —

b) how her family feels about the process

c) challenges of the process

d) is she attending an ICAN/other meeting?   We could get round table discussion of pros and cons.

e) her doctor willing to talk on camera about his/her pushing for one or the other and why

She is willing to let us film the birth and follow-up interview; doctor/hospital willing to let us in with camera!


Preferably in Atlanta, Baltimore or D.C.


Please e-mail Betsy directly if you want to participate. betsykulman@hotmail.com. If you would prefer that I pass on your information, feel free to e-mail me at unnecesarean@gmail.com.