The Term "Unnecesarean" Used in Midwifery Today

I haven’t read the article but I heard about it a few months before it was to be published.

Documented Causes of UnneCesareans by Judy Slome Cohain, Midwifery Today Issue 92.

It’s spelled in the title as seen above and in the abstract as “unne-Cesarean.” If any subscribers want to send me the article or save me a copy, that would be dandy.

Another interesting place the term has popped up is on something called “BirthWiki”:


Unnecesarean is an unnecessary cesarean.  Most cesareans are unnecessary.  Research into reasons for emergency cesareans found that 66% occur between the 25% of day shift hours of 8am and 3pm, and the least between 5am and 6am leading the authors to conclude that physician convenience is a leading cause of “emergency cesareans” or unnecesareans. (1)

Dr. S. Bewley has written extensively about the issues surrounding unnecesareans, which are often given the misnomer: ‘cesarean by choice’. (2)  A cesarean is a life threatening medical procedure that is obviously ultimately decided upon by a doctor or several doctors.


(1) Goldstick O, Weissman A, Drugan A.  The circadian rhythm of “urgent” operative deliveries.  Isr Med Assoc J. 2003 Aug;5(8):564-6.

(2) Bewley S, Cockburn J.  The unfacts of ‘request’ caesarean section.  BJOG.  2002 Jun;109(6):597-605.


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So apparently someone stuck it on Wikipedia, then on this BirthWiki. Hmm.


Have you seen the term used anywhere interesting?