Good BaZi for Baby by Cesarean

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A service is available that will help new moms ensure that their baby will have good BaZi by being born by cesarean section on an auspicious day and time.

Text: If you are expecting a baby and you want the baby to have a good bazi, this is a service for you. The objective of this service is to identify a date and time for cesarean birth so that the baby is born with a good bazi. The identification of date and time for cesarean birth is only carried out when the expected date for birth and the sex of the baby are known. The identification of date and time is carried out on the 14 days preceding the expected date of birth. To understand this service, please read the FAQ for BaZi for Cesarean Birth.

Cited as lucky is Tiger Woods.

Does anyone know if scheduling cesareans to have an auspicious birthday is an actual trend as opposed to a sensationalized media nugget?