Doctors Induced and Performed Cesarean on Non-Pregnant Woman

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The Fay Observer reported today that two Fayetteville, North Carolina doctors induced labor and performed a cesarean section on a woman who was not pregnant.

According to the article, a woman “exhibiting signs of pregnancy” walked into Cape Fear Valley Medical Center asking for a cesarean section.

A resident diagnosed her as pregnant. After a “failed attempt at inducing labor,” a doctor tried to section her.

One of the two doctors that was issued a public letter of concern by the North Carolina Medical Board commented on the resident in her charge.

Geszler said it is not uncommon to see women with false pregnancies but she was surprised the resident was not able to make a correct determination after examining the patient.

“It wasn’t something I thought I’d have to check behind somebody on,” Geszler said. “The bottom line is the woman convinced everybody she was pregnant.”

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