"Maverick": How One Baby Survived Iatrogenic Prematurity


This video is featured on the Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina (PQCNC) web site. The organization describes itself as follows:

[A] community of organizations, agencies and individuals committed to making North Carolina the best place to be born. To achieve our aim we commit to collaborating with everyone who shares an interest in improving the health and health care of women of childbearing age and/or infants in our state. North Carolina for too long has ranked in the lowest 10% of US states in infant mortality and far too many North Carolina babies are born sick or before completing 39 weeks of gestation. Using the expertise of families and front line health care providers, together with quality improvement science we will improve the triple bottom line: better outcomes for babies and mothers, better experiences for families when babies are born sick or prematurely and better value for each health care dollar.