Patrice Welcomes Baby Simone

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By Jill Arnold



Our friend, blogger and childbirth educator Patrice Nichole Byers welcomed her first little girl into the world this week and we wish her and her family love.


Patrice shared a few words about Simone’s birth:

Basically it was short - I would say labor really hit around 2-2:30 pm and I had her at 8:03 pm (although I had prodromal labor the night before).

I birthed my wonderful baby girl in the water, in the hands and knees position after less than 3 minutes of pushing. I had a tiny small tear that did not need stitching and she was caught by her father. She weighed in a 8lbs, 5oz and was 21.5 inches.

My two midwives, mother, doula and boyfriend (and sometimes 2 younger sons) were in attendance in my home as I labored and birth. I remained blissfully chatty and happy between contractions until the last 20 minutes before her birth and I am still blown away about that. I was relaxed, calm, at ease and in the place I knew I should be in. It was awesome, and so surreal. I wish I could do it again, or had done it with my other children.





 (Love you, P!)


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