Call for Participants: Coping with an Unplanned Cesarean

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My name is Nedra Goldman and I am a graduate student at DePaul University. I am currently conducting a research project titled “Coping and the Unplanned Cesarean Section: Examining how women cope with the need for an unplanned cesarean section” as a requirement to obtain my Master’s Degree. The purposes of this study are to examine the coping mechanisms/strategies utilized by women age 21-39 during the labor and delivery process when an unplanned cesarean section is indicated and to describe the self-efficacy of the women.

I am seeking out women who are willing to participate in my study. Inclusion criteria for this study include a) women, b) who were between the ages of 21-39 when they delivered, c) had emergency cesarean section, d)normal pregnancy, e) speak and understand English sufficiently enough to complete survey. If you or someone you know meet these requirements and are willing to participate in my study please click on the link below which will lead you to an information sheet and the study.