Five Hot Topics in Labor and Delivery in the Last Ten Years


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By Romy McMaster

I have a fun little assignment for you all, if you’re interested.  Recently, I was assigned a work project that involves writing a general overview of ‘what’s been going on in the field of labor and delivery in the last ten years’.  Yeah, not too much been going on, right?

Although I have a pretty good idea of what general topics I’d like to write about, I wanted to get a feel for what a large group of passionate maternal health advocates would think, and of course thought of the readers of this blog. Thankfully, Jill has graciously allowed me to hijack her blog with this post.


So….my first question for you is this:

What would you choose as the five biggest (most important, most influential) topics related to labor and delivery in the last ten years? Can be national or international.


And second:

What would you choose as the five major studies or papers that you feel have most influenced maternal health relating to labor and delivery in the last ten years or so?


There are no right or wrong answers of course, and I just want to see what the consensus of a large group of very interested people would be.  Don’t spend too much time thinking about your answers, just pick whatever comes to mind. 

Here are my thoughts, just to get the old birth ball rolling.  Oh yeah, I went there with the birth ball.  It’s late on a Friday night after a long week so please just go with it.

I’ll get my thoughts together on how I would reply to the two questions and share with you all in the comments section shortly.


Look forward to all your replies!

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