Wind of Change

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By Jill Arnold


Alright, that title was cheesy and overly dramatic, but we can fault my Def Leppard station on Pandora which regularly throws in a heavy dose of The Scorpions. Don’t think I won’t rock you like a hurricane.

I am sorry for the sparse posting in the last month or two. Co-blogger and attorney ANaturalAdvocate has graciously agreed to take the wheel for a few months while I work on a different project. We are also now co-admins on the Facebook page, which is very cozy because no one can tell where she ends and I begin on there. We’re registered at Pottery Barn, by the way.

I have already waddled around behind the scenes like Socially Awkward Penguin (right?), posting things scheduled for different days and probably driving others nuts. This site and community is a few days shy of three years old and, if you’ve ever thought, Say now, I would love to write a post for The Unnecesarean, this would be the time to go for it. Submit a post here.

Have a wonderful summer, all. 





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