A Word from K, Our Senior Adjunct Section Correspondent

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Guest Post by “K”, Senior Adjunct Section Correspondent (SAS-C)

Guest contributor’s note: Fans of The Unnecesarean have expressed dismay that a “pro-cesarean” post would ever appear on this site. Let it be stated, for the record, that my contributions here have never been intended as “pro-cesarean” — but rather, pro-individual choice. I support the choice of each individual woman to birth how she chooses, and yes, (gasp) to view her birth experience as warm and wonderful if that’s how she sees it — be it in a birth center, at home in a tub, or on an operating table. I’ve been invited to provide guest posts here before, because Jill and I met in person at a birth conference (OH GOD, REALLY?! Yes.) and she deemed me somewhat intelligent enough to have a sharable opinion. 

And now, on to the post:

NPR: I Had A C-Section And I Loved It

The picture with the post says everything that needs to be said. A wonderful birth experience has just happened. And I’m glad that NPR decided to include as a follow-up to their Baby Project.

I, too, had a planned and medically-indicated c-section earlier this year. But before it happened, I shared my story here on The Unnecesarean. That post generated a lot of support as well as consternation, as well as a few people who threw up their virtual hands and “left” the Unnecesarean community. And it added a lot of stress and tension to the final months of my pregnancy - which was the only reason I regretted posting it.

Fast forward to the day we met our son. As I held him in my arms and reflected on the significance of that post, wondering if I would write a follow-up, I thought to myself, “Good grief. That’s so in the past, and now he’s here. Moving on….” As Barrie so perfectly summarized, I was ready for the baby experience. And I’ve never looked back.

It’s worth considering that we all have the right to frame our experiences as we see them, as we’re the only ones with the perspective to do so.

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