An Informal Poll on VBAC Access


Question for you: How many people here (and in which country) could not find an OB-GYN who would let them VBAC in the hospital and chose to give birth out-of-hospital instead? (Posted on the VBAC Facebook page)


1. Where I live the only vbac supportive dr in all of las Vegas is about 45 minutes away. ONE. In all of southern Nevada.


2.  I’m in the UK, I chose to have a home vbac and luckily I found some very supportive nhs midwives and consultants. I did a tonne of research to ensure I was making an informed decisions though.


3.  Hba3c here in indiana


4.  I wanted a home birth (in NY state) but we couldn’t really afford it since our insurance wouldn’t cover at all. Luckily I had supportive midwives and hospital within 5 min.


5. HBAC here in Central Florida.

I should say, I did find a OB that would “let” me VBAC, but it was only under very specific rules (no complications, normal size baby, typical labor pattern, and no past dates)… ended up having a 10 lb baby at home, 15 hr labor, 9 days past due date. This wouldn’t have happened at a hospital.


6. West Virginia here. The closest VBAC friendly hospital that took my insurance (state Medicaid) was two hours away. I had a mostly UP and ended up having a VBAC at the VBAC ban hospital after three days of labor.


7. I have a vbac yahoo group in Turkey that I founded 5 years ago and also a facebook vbac group. In these groups there are 800 members . But among these members , only 30-40 members could have vbac.The others could not find a vbac friendly doctor or hospital. There are many members that are still looking for a doctor who will support her.


8. I have found one here in PA,but i am not loving how many “rules” there are to it! So I am still researching my options! :)

9. I’m pretty blessed, my doc has delivered all 3 of my children, the 3rd was an emergency c-section, that we both tried to avoid until we couldn’t wait any longer. I’m due w/ #4 in June and she informed me, “you’ll be able to have a VBAC no problem! And trust me, I want a VBAC just as much as you do!”. I love my ob/gyn! I’m delivering (again) at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea in Arizona.


10. I tried to have VBAC with my second, but the closest doctor was over an hour away and I couldn’t handle the labor all the way there I’m sure. But I couldn’t find anyone to do a home birth either.


11.  The next time I decide to get pregnant I’ll be going for my VBA3C, my first was a medically necessary induction (raging case of Pre-e) at 33 weeks that ended in a CS after 36 hours of, most which I was stuck at 4, no VBAC attempt with number 2 (very impatient pro-CS OB), number 3 was my first attempt at a VBAC, went into labor at exactly 41 weeks, 50 hours of labor, including 2 spent pushing, fully dilated, my tiny 7 pound daughter would not descend past 0 station due to being OP, we determined that the reason for her malposition is that my pelvis needs re-aligned, so I’ll be seeing a Chiro. My Peri is amazing and is very pro-VBAC ;-D


12.  I am in Anderson Indiana and I couldn’t find anyone until I was 39 weeks with my youngest.


13. Me. :)


14. In Rome (Italy), it’s so difficult to find a vbac supportive doctor. Most of the OB-GYN don’t want to take this responsibility!! It’s so sad and frustrating.. :(


15.  I found a “VBAC friendly doctor” so I thought.. he said I couldn’t go over my due date, have a big baby, attempt vbac if my blood pressure was high or labor in water because it is unsanitary. At 26 weeks I switched to a midwife and we are going to have a waterbirth. :)


16. I’m in Maine and couldn’t find one and can’t afford a midwife so I am having an UBA3C any day now


17. In Australia they are all for it. As long as there are facilities for an emergency caesarean then you can go for it.

18.  I lived in SE Utah and couldn’t find anyone within 3 hours drive (Moab; Durango, Cortez or Grand Junction, CO; Farmington, NM), so had a lovely homebirth with a fabulous midwife.


19. I am an independent midwife in New Zealand, VBAC is offered to women after one c/section but with many conditions and restrictions and not all obs will agree to it, and RANZCOG are not in agreeance with a VBAC after more than one c/sec so this rarely happens, sad really, but women in NZ have free maternity care and 80% of women have a midwife and can choose wht they think is best for them and where they birth is up to them. Unfortunately not all midwives tho are VBAC friendly either.


20. I did I was homebirthing as it was my only choice for continuity of care at the time. I was transferred for a second ECS but stand by my decision and the care that i got from my own midwife was out of this world. I am in Australia (Queensland)


21. I live in coeur d alene, Idaho USA…and in my city at our local hospital they will not do vbacs, I could have commuted to spokane but wanted a natural birth so I want thru dayspring midwifery and had a 5hr beautiful natural labor.


22. Me! I’m in a rural area of the US and the nearest was over 2 hours away.


23. My first CNM as part of an OB practice started recommending blood thinners and the hematologist said absolutely not. They had been the most easygoing practice I had found at that point. I just decided that evey practice was gonna red flag me and being a VBAC it was too much stres and fighting drs for what i wanted of a natural vaginal birth so I went with a HBAC which was successful and wonderful Dec 2011.


24. i switched to a birthing center and had a midwife deliver. im in the united states


25. Me I am in the united states!! I had a HBA3C in May of last year. It was either a repeat section or a home birth no OB would touch me for a vba3c! I chose home birth and I have to add that my man was 11lbs 4ozs my biggest baby yet after I was told for years I would never have a baby over 8lbs!!


26. I didn’t want to take the risk of going with an OB and being pressured into another csection. I’m having a HBAC with a midwife in 2 months!


27. I drove 2 hrs for office visits and 1.5 hrs to the closest ob and hospital that allowed vbacs.


28. Not exactly BUT I did have to fight for my VBAC with 3 different OB-GYN’s. I finally found one that would listen to me and not tell me I was having a c-section. First birth=emerg section under general and the 2nd baby was all natural VBAC


29. I had a home birth because VBAC is a dirty word in New Orleans.


30. yes !it was a panel of 4 OB-GYN’s, the Commander of the Army hospital,plus three lawyers ,a head nurse of the delivery working for the hospital,two Generals as the surgeons of the hospital…my husband and I fought tooth and nail and we got wht I always wanted vba2c in San Antonio,TX at an Airforce Base…us stationed in Louisiana—Army base…. :D !!



What was your experience like?


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