"Find a doctor that will support you"


This comment was left on the Facebook page last night. Congratulations, Monica, on seeking out a doctor that favors shared decision-making. Feel free to give Dr. Tsinker a hearty high-five on my behalf at your six week appointment.

Just wanted to share some happy news: even living in a city where my local hospital has a 71% csection rate (Miami) and NO local doctors that would allow me to VBAC I found one shining star over an hours drive away. Dr. Tsinker from Plantation, FL believed in me and let me attempt a VBAC. His faith in me and my perseverance paid off. I gave natural birth to my daughter Alyssa 10 days ago! 8 pounds and 4 ounces of blonde blue eyed yumminess and no epidural! Ladies you can do it too, find a doctor that will support you. They are out there, even if you have to drive hours away from home, it’s worth it. 10 days later and I feel great!!!





Any gems in your region that everyone should know about?






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